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Can I break into the healthcare field with a degree in MBA in Health Care Management?

Hi guys! I have no previous experience in health care....
I am currently pursuing a degree, MBA in Health care management.

With no previous job experience in health care, will I be able to break into the health care field after obtaining my MBA in Health Care?

If not, what type of job experience is necessary?

If so, what types of jobs are available?


Yes you can but there is no such MBA. Universities don't grant MBA in information systems, or MBA in finance, or MBA in health care. The MBA is a general degree preparing students for management positions in any level of a business, up to CEO. MBA students study accounting, finance, marketing, management, statistics, economics, strategy, policy, and other courses. Many MBA programs offer concentrations in these and many other fields, but that amounts to only 2-3 courses in your chosen field in the second year of study. Many students avoid a concentration and take a variety of elective subjects to gain a broader background. By the time you finish the first year you'll be able to decide which concentration interests you. You don't become a specialist in a field with 2-3 courses. It generally takes a year of concentrated study.

The MBA is not like an MS degree that concentrates study in a single field and prepares students for high level staff or research positions. The MS typically requires an undergraduate education in the field in which you want the MS, or a closely related field. A finance major does not get an MS in chemistry, and a chemistry major does not get an MS in accounting. MBA programs accept students in any undergraduate field. They prefer students who do not have a business background because they give you the business training but they cannot provide the broad background that managers should have. I have taught MBA students with degrees in Music, Medicine, Dentistry, Law. Psychology, Political Science, Chemistry, Biology, engineering, and many other fields.

Most MBA programs prefer students with 2-3 years work experience after the first degree, but many accept students right out of college if they have good grades and a high GMAT score. Some MBA programs are designed specifically for new college graduates without work experience. MBAs with good grades are in high demand and they command good starting salaries. To find the MBA program that best fits your background, criteria and preferences, a good source of information is the Official MBA Guide, a free public service at http://officialmbaguide.org. You can use it to select programs in specific geographic regions, specific concentrations, or specific types of programs, such as full-time, part-time, executive, distance learning, and accelerated. You can specify criteria that are important to you and get a ranked list of programs that best fit those criteria. From the Guide you can go directly to a school's URL or contact schools by email.

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