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what are the things i need to buy before shipping a turtle?

i was wondering because i gonna breed my 2 dimondback's and sell them so what are the thing i need to buy and where can i get them i already know one of them is heat pack ?

Items needed:
• 2 boxes (one box that fits inside another box) with some air holes punched into it (No outer air holes in winter)
•Styrofoam packing peanuts
•Pillow case or sock
•Packing tape
•Heat pack if during colder months. Heat packs are not reliable below freezing temperature.
Place the animal inside a pillowcase, or a sock if it’s a smaller species. This helps reduce stress and movement. Put some packing peanuts on the bottom of the smaller box. Place the animal inside and pack more packing peanuts around and on top of it. Loose enough so air can still flow, but not too loose that the animal can move around. I always write the receivers shipping info on the inside box as a precaution in case the larger box gets damaged.

Then place some packing peanuts on the bottom of the bigger box, then place the smaller box inside the larger box and pack more peanuts around and on top of the smaller box.

Tape up securely. I usually mark the box “VERY FRAGILE” and “THIS END UP ” “LIVE HARMLESS REPTILE” with arrows pointing up. Making a label to be printed up and taped to the box using a word program makes this easy.

If you are shipping an aquatic turtle using a Tupperware type container works well with sphagnum moss or wet paper towels around the sock to keep it moist. Really small aquatics can be shipped in containers with just sphagnum moss.

For larger species like Sulcata tortoises you may have to use Delta Dash and the tort will have to be shipped in a crate (one for dogs works fine).

Always keep an eye on the temperature for where you are shipping from and too. If it’s either too hot or too cold never ship an animal, it could overheat or freeze.

We follow a shipping season of April 1st to November 1st. Some shipments can be made outside of the guidelines depending on temps between where from and where to a shipment will be made. Always consider the shippers stopover depots. If shipping must be done in the colder months use a heat pack (available at Carolina Pet Supply).

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