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Microsoft to launch Kinect for Windows sensor in 2014 (Albuquerque Journal)

Microsoft's Kinect sensor in action.

(Credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft will finally deliver a Kinect sensor for Windows sometime next year.

The company announced Thursday that the Kinect for Windows sensor will use the
same set of technologies key to the new Kinect sensor for the Xbox One, both
of which will allow people to issue commands using voice and gestures.

The sensor will include a high-definition color camera and a noise-isolating
multi-microphone array. Also part of the system will be a technology called
Time-of-Flight, which measures how long it takes for photons to bounce off a
person or object. Combined, these features promise greater accuracy and
precision in detecting your movements and voice commands.

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Like its Xbox One counterpart, the Kinect for Windows sensor will be able to
pinpoint more parts of the body, opening up more accurate skeletal tracking.
The sensor will also use a greater field of view to handle a variety of room
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