Tripod Case

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Any tips for getting a new camera?

I have about 400- 600 pounds to get a good Digital Camera.

Does anyone have any advice, tips or what have you.

I would ask my dad (he is a photographer), but he's busy...

Thanks for people who answers, i give out best answers :]

Go to a store where you can see the actual cameras, play with them, take some test pics, etc. Once you decide which one you like, buy it on eBay for cheap. Make sure you buy a new one with a warranty. These are easy to find on eBay. You can also find package deals which include batteries, a tripod, case, etc.

Also, look for a camera that holds only 2 batteries (older models take 4) and compare prices of memory cards. Some brands take certain cards that are more expensive than others.

Brand to avoid: Kodak (they are behind in digital technology and require all kinds of programs and crap to download pics.)

Best brands: Nikon, Olympus and Cannon

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