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An instrument for Alzmuth and Altitude?

Is there any instrument that you can go to the right alzmuth and then go to the right altitude? sord of like a sextant with a compass on it so that you can find the exact position of the object without having to keep on looking back and forth at your sextant and compass? Also will the sextant measure the time in between each degree?

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Celestial globe. Look at the US$200 Russian celestial globes and star globes on eBay. They help do what you are talking about. Regulate a clock to keep sidereal mean time, and set it to display local sidereal mean time.

A telescope on an equatorial mount has declination and azimuth/RA circles. Rotate the RA circle to show local sidereal time, and turn the telescope to the desired RA and declination.

An astro compass might work for what you are doing. They're on eBay sometimes; try to get one with the base mount as in the WWII RAF Astro Compass Mark II sold at eBay now.

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