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Bearing angles - transit surveying ?

The true bearing of line AB is N30.15E, and the true bearing of line AC is S10.55E. The angle BAC measured clockwise is:

A. 19.20
B. 199.20

i thought this was the calculation:

180 - 30.15 - 10.55 = 139.3 ?! but thats not correct on the multiple choice... what am i doing wrong?

Perhaps what you put as decimal places are actually minutes. (1 degree = 60 minutes)

180º00' - 30º15' - 10º55'

To make it easier to subtract we can rewrite 180º as 178º120'

180º00' - 30º15' - 10º55'
= 178º120' - 30º15' - 10º55'

So, now you work out the degrees
178º - 30º - 10º
= 138º

Then the minutes
120' - 15' - 55'
= 50'

And then we arrive at 138º50', in which case the answer would be D.

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